Home Drywall Repair Tips and Tricks

What You Must Know When Fixing Drywall

When it comes to drywall repair, it’s good to have some basic drywall knowledge, which we can help you with. This includes knowing the difference between a sound and unsound drywall, and what you should do if you come across a leak. Here are some basic home drywall repair tips:

What is sound drywall?

Sound drywall has no obvious damage and is still in good condition. Sounds drywall is common, especially if you’re working on a house that has been sitting vacant for some time. If the house has not been used for some time, the sound drywall could have deteriorated to the point of becoming unsound.

What is unsound drywall?

Unsound drywall has visible holes in it, caused by insects or molds, or it has been damaged by a water leak. If you come across unsound drywall, you have to repair it before you start your drywall repair job.

What can cause drywall damage?

Drywall can be damaged by a leaking roof, plumbing issues, or even old paint. If you notice damage to your drywall, it’s important to find out what caused the damage and repair the issue before you start your drywall repair job.

How to fix a leak?

Leaks can occur in many different areas, including the likes of a plumbing fixture, a gas pipe, or even a roof. If there’s a leak in the ceiling, turn off the main water valve located in the main water line to the house.

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